Introducing Wilma's Porking Stool

Hi Friends,

I have a new venture which I know you are going to appreciate. I am still hawking Fat Wobbling and Wobbling Fat Away by means of a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine but now I am branching out with my newly designed and patented Porking Stool.

What is a Porking Stool? 

Need you ask? A Porking Stool is a stool you sit on while you are being porked? Geddit? I hope you will buy one from my official suppliers when they are released soon. In the meantime don't accept anything other than the Wilma Proops brand of Porking Stool and while you're waiting get in shape with the help of a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine


  1. Do you mean what I think you mean? How very rude you are at times Ms Proops. More power to your elbow my dear but I should imagine Majorie Blunt will have something to say about this.

  2. How bloody rude. I know what you are talking about. How near the knuckle are you prepared to go? You awful woman Wilma Proops. There should be laws against you.

  3. Where can I buy a Porking Stool? Is it true you can buy all weather Porking Stools?

  4. The bloody manufacturer has let me down and so it is not possible to buy an all weather porking stool. We do have some in stock but these are only for lightweights and indoor use only...

  5. This is very rude Wilma but very funny. How near the knuckle can you go? Please don't answer that!


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