Shake Your Fat Away!

Wilma Proops has been wobbling her fat away for almost two years now. She uses (as all regular readers will know) a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine. Read about how Wilma discovered Vibration Plate Exercise in her article Wobble Your Fat Away which has had thousands and thousands of readers since she wrote it.

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The only problem is that Vibration Plate Exercise Machines are not portable. Wilma has bought several and installed them in her homes throughout the world but what does she do when she stays as a guest somewhere or takes prolonged breaks in luxury hotels. What if her host is a foody? What if the luxury hotels which she frequents has Michelin starred restaurants and offer 24/7 room service? You've guessed it, Wilma piles on the fat.

What Wilma needs is a portable Fat Wobbler (aka a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine). However, there is no such thing. There is however Shake Weights. Wilma has been watching her cousin demonstrate the Shake Weights on commercial TV in America. (Sandra sent a copy to her cell phone). As Wilma is off for a holiday in Barbados she has packed the Shake Weights that Sandra sent her.

We don't know if they work but Wilma will be trialling them for her readers and should report back in February with results.

Free Shipping. Vibration Exerciser - Mini Crazy Fit

Click on the image above for details of where to buy this Vibration Exercise Machine as used by Wilma Proops and referred to in this article. Please leave after purchase reviews in the comments section. Start wobbling your fat away soon! 

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