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Wobble Your Fat Away!
Wilma's Secret Exercise Regime with a Vibration Plate Exerciser

Start Wobbling Your Fat Away!

Kylie Minogue and Madonna are reportedly using Fat Wobbling Machines as part of their fitness and health regimens. I was nothing like Kyle or Madge when I first stood on my Fat Wobbling Machine – also known as a Vibration Machine. Unlike them, I was a big, fat lump.

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Discovering Vibration Machines and Losing Body Fat

I didn’t know anything about Vibration machines when I first stood, wobbling on one. I was asked to stand on the machine’s platform by my daughter and, when she saw the way the fat on my belly wiggled, I realised why she’s asked me to stand on it – she wanted to laugh at her big, fat Mommy. And did she laugh! In the end she was doubled up on the settee, holding her stomach, crying with tears begging me to stop wobbling my fat. But I didn’t. In fact I increased the rate at which my fat wobbled by turning up a dial.

Oh, How She Laughed!
At this point my daughter was heaving with laughter and apparently in pain. She beseeched me, between guffaws, to “get off”. I did (temporarily) and within a minute her laughter had subsided. However, before she could leave the room and escape, I played a master stroke. I quickly pulled up my skirt and sat on the Fat Wobbler in my pair of sensible white knickers.

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Bum and Tum Wobbling
Now, instead of her laughing uncontrollably about my bulging belly wobbly, she laughed at the fat ripples on my huge fat bum. I saw for myself in the mirror why she found the spectacle so funny. It reminded me of a skipping song I’d used in my youth:

“jelly on the plate, jelly on the plate,
wibble-wobble, wibble-wobble,
jelly on the plate”

When I recited this verse, dead-pan, while the fat on my big bum wobbled my daughter’s laughter turned to donkey-like brays.

Ten Minutes Every Other Day is all that is Needed!
I would have sat thus for longer and prolonged my daughter’s laughter and pain but I started to feel tired and – after ten minutes standing and latterly sitting on the Fat Wobbling Machine I was bored. Without any notification I stood (albeit in a somewhat undignified manner) and took myself from the room. On the way out I snatched a leaflet about the Fat Wobbling Machine or Vibration Plate Exercise Machine as I discovered it was called.

Bananas and Custard
I went to the kitchen and did myself a snack of bananas and custard. I’d been sitting in front of my computer all day and the walk from my daughter’s room to the kitchen and then to the sitting room, was the longest walk I’d had all day. I sat contentedly in front of the now activated television and slurped gob-fulls of very tasty yellow goo into my mouth. There was nothing much on so I read the leaflet.

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  1. its working for me, thank you Wilma!

  2. wibbly, I mean really, pleased to hear that dear. Keep up the wobbly, I mean good, work

  3. Hi Wilma, this is your numero uno fan! Just wanted to tell you that discovering this article and taking its advice and buying a fat wobbling machine has done mush for me. I am a computer nerd and get little exerise at the best of times. When it goes cold (I'm based in York) I would do none. Now I have my Vibration Plate next to my work station all that has changed. Since I bought it 6 months ago I have lost body fat and, as long as the weather is nice, actually take time to go out for a jog. I know the blog you wrote is for a laugh but it really changed this nerd's life and probably extended it too. Thank you from the bottom of my once wobbly bum

  4. I can honestly say that since I bought my Vibration Plate Exercise Machine from one of you suppliers that my arse has reduced in size and flabbiness. Thank you for writing this most candid blog

  5. Hi Wilma

    I read this article and bought a Vibration Exerciser from one of your advertisers. That was 4 weeks ago. Things have really improved.

    I'm in a better mood, feel better, look better. I'm optimistic about the future. Thank you so much.

    Keep up the good work


  6. crikey! been using my vibration playe for 4 weeks and can see a big difference, firmed up nicely.

  7. Thanks so much for this article Wilma Proops. I read it in November last year and my husband bought me a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine from one of your advertisers Vibrosomething? I have been using it everyday since 26th December and the results are fabulous darling. Thank you so so so much

  8. Hi, I heard that Kate Middleton used a Vibration Plate Exercise machine to replace some of the walking she was supposed to do if she kept to her very strict wedding diet. Read about the Kate Middleton Wedding Diet - click this link: http://newsflavor.com/entertainment/kate-middleton-the-secret-wedding-diet/ There's a link on that article to this.

    Thanks Wilma Proops - you are an angel xx

  9. Hey, this really works!!! I'm wobbling my fat away and it is easy.


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