Wobble Your Fat Away!

Wobble Your Fat Away!
Wilma's Secret Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Feel the Wobbling Burn!

I had a strange ache in my calves, thighs and buttocks when I opened the leaflet and started reading. Within five minutes I discovered that the ache was due to the work out I’d given my muscles on the Fat Wobbler. That wasn’t the only thing I discovered about The Fat Wobbler/Vibration machine over the course of the next day.

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What I discovered about Vibration Technology

The Vibration Machine was the latest technological breakthrough in exercise and health. The original idea came via Russian space technology. It had been faced with the problem of exercise in a very confined space for their cosmonauts. After proving to be effective for cosmonauts, the technology was picked up by the Russian sports industry. The latter, were confident that their technique gave them an edge over their competition. Since then, it has been discovered that the Vibration Method is not only a valuable form of exercise for the already super-fit. The technology offers a safe form of exercise for the over-weight and to people unable to partake of exercise.

The Perfect Solution for Fatties!

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It turned out that my daughter had found out about Vibration Technology and decided that a Vibration Machine would be good for me. She’d noticed how I stayed for hours in front of my computer – working 12-16 hours per day and neglecting myself – since I started working for myself. I’d noticed my weight pile on but with work I never had the time to be completely depressed about it. I put it down to my age – it was my time to get fat.

Vibration Technology Changed My Life!

My Fat Wobbler has changed my life. My belly is a stomach again and my love-handles shook until they disappeared. I didn’t intend to cut down eating my treats but I did naturally. I didn’t intend to spend more time indulging myself in other ways – new clothes, beauty treatments and exotic fruits but I did. I’m convinced that my Fat Wobbler triggered these reactions and is the main reason I am unable to make my daughter laugh when I’m on it.


I can recommend you buy yourself a Vibration Machine one hundred percent. Even if you just stood on it for ten minutes every other day you’d notice a change within 10 days. And there so easy to use. While I have been writing this I’ve sat with my feet on the vibrating platform for the last few minutes. I can do the same while I’m watching television. In this and similar ways I can almost effortlessly work on toning my muscles in different regions.

Happy Ever After

Even people like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, me and you can benefit from Vibration Machines and this incredible technology.

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