I Hate My Boss - What Should I Do?

How to Deal with Stupid and/or  Inadequate Bosses

Dear Readers,

My postbag often contains letters from employees who are having to deal with stupid and inadequate bosses.  For some reason I have had a spate of these from employees of British Airways (BA) who seem desperate for my help.  I have given the matter much thought and am penning this promptly so please excuse the typos and any mistakes.

Dealing with Stupid Bosses

Stupid bosses, let's be honest, are often in their positions of power because of privilege and not merit.  For examples: their Daddy has bought them the business or their Mommy has had some secret liaison (one the gutter press would profit from knowing) to get their daughter or son the boss's position. Because of this whatever the stupid boss does, no matter how stupid, unjust or s/he will never be removed from their position of power over you unless something happens to destroy their unfair advantage.  Worse still, the fact is that while this advantage is with your boss you'll be blamed for any shortcomings or discrepancies and they'll be praised for your initiatives and good performance.

Don't Despair

Don't despair!  Instead learn to turn the tables, find their weak spots (remember Achilles) play them and nbide your time before you tell them where to go and move on.  Under no circumstances should you become a snivelling sycophant and you should not expect your stupid boss to change.  You need to get away from them as soon as possible. You really don't want to waste any more of your working life in their presence. Stupid bosses will ruin everything for themselves eventually because they have great but misplaced confidence in their own ability but this can takes years.

You might get lucky, your boss's Daddy may abandon your boss when he (your boss's Daddy) hooks up with a replacement wife or when your boss's Mommy dies and takes her tardy secrets to the grave.  These sort of developments remove your boss's safety net and protection.  Other events that could remove it are your boss's Daddy's expulsion from his Society or Lodge or when his Mommy's diary finds its way into the hands of a gutter press hack... but you can't count on that.  Get away from your stupid boss as soon as possible - often a salary decrease or even Income Support or Social Security is a better alternative to spending your working days with a stupid boss.  Tell them to F off!

Dealing with Inadequate Bosses

Inadequate bosses are bad because all their pathetic efforts aim to mask their inadequacy.  That's why they treat their employees like shite.  If you study them and work out the basis of their inadequacies you should be able to do for them.

Tips for Finding Inadequacies in Bosses

Inadequacy in male bosses is often founded upon sad sex lives - typically they drive sporty cars at high speeds believing that this behaviour will disguise their small endowments in much the same way as the stuffed sock they pack into their padded Y Fronts.  Inadequacy in female bosses although relatively rare is usually based on their lowly self-image and lack of confidence when relating to their peers.  The clever employee leaves them in no doubt that they will expose their bosses inadequacies and this, for want of a better expression, has them wind their necks in.

Legal Proceedings Against Stupid and Inadequate Bosses

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country where employees have rights both stupid and inadequate bosses will give you grounds to take them to a tribunal and take them to the cleaners.  So, if you are unable to tell them to F off start to collect your evidence.  Remember, the more evidence the better as this can help with out of court settlements.

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