Is Tin Tin Better in 3D or 2D?

Wilma Proops dilemma when deciding to see Tintin in 2D or 3D. Anyone with experience of both and an understanding of living with “mild to medium misanthropist condition” is begged to offer their opinion on the issue and/or offer advice on how to live alongside people with gross habits and/or ignorant ways.

Decide which to see and brush up on your French while you watch this trailer...


"Unfortunately the cinema room, complete with digital projector, state of the art sound and state of the art reclining chairs which afford me the best, incredibly comfortable (especially when heated and on mild massage setting) most central view of the perfect screen is not complete. Thus I have to put up with weekday matinees at my local cinema (albeit a listed building) where the staff are friendly and don’t mutter under their breath “her again”.

Not to worry my local cinema does have luxury seats and it is cheap (especially with my recently acquired discount card), though these are not the prime reasons for this (some would say sad) lonesome activity. Oh my, the problems inherent in existing alongside fellow homo sapiens sapiens when you suffer from mild to medium misanthropist conditions and want to be able to give your chosen movie your undivided attention!

Why oh why did they have to offer me the choice of Tintin in 2D or 3D? The problem is that, although I’d appreciate the mind-blowing sensations of three dimensional involvement with explosions and fast action, these added bonuses may well attract more noisy, fidgeting youngsters who will undoubtedly ruin the experience of watching a film? It is difficult to escape into the screen when the child in the row behind wants to “go to the toilet” or hasn’t a mother who will keep the little critter still and stop kicking my ****ing chair!

Come to think of it the 3D version of Tintin will undoubtedly attract the clientele which I try to avoid on my movie matinee days. I’ll be seeing the nice, quiet flat (2D) version."