Swimming Machines or a Jacuzzi a Simple Decision

Image via Wikipedia | A Swimming Machine (aka Resistance Swimming Apparatus)

Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs

Several of my properties have a jacuzzi or a hot tub in the garden or on the patio or roof terrace. I do enjoy soaking and water therapy under the stars. Outdoor exercise (unless I'm in a hurry when I use my special machine - Click Here to read about that) is far preferable to indoor. You'll not get Wilma Proops in a smelly gymnasium, no matter how good looking the instructor! Even if by reputation (you know who you are) "you go like a train"!

Wilma's Advice on Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi

Yes, I delight in the relaxation of hot tubs and jacuzzi but both have their drawbacks as far as I'm concerned. If you keep reading this you too will become less enamoured of the hot tub and jacuzzi but, nevertheleas, I ask that you read on. I am a "selfish cow" as my friends and foes rightfully discern but that is not why I NEVER share my hot tub or jacuzzi. It is neither why I decline to "come in" when invited to by friends and it is neither why I empty my tubs, clean thoroughly and refill after guests have stayed in any of my homes while I was not there or at least instruct my staff to carry out these menial tasks.

The Problem with Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi

What explains these practices is my absolute objection to sharing body emmisions, loose skin flakes and, even worse when we are talking sharing with a dirty unhygienic person/people urine, faeces and smegma particles or - in the worse case scenario - dollops of the aforesaid body matter.

Replacing Tubs with Swimming Machines

That said, unpleasant as it was it needed to be, I am now turning to my latest thing. My love of exercise outside will be well served when I install a Swimming Machine in each of my properties. In some more substantial homes this will be in addition to the outdoor heated swimming pool and the outdoor hot tub but in smaller houses I will be replacing them with swimming machines. The smaller machines are made for one person to use at a time and can be set to provide different currents to swim against. These smaller swimming machines are not that much bigger - in the amount of space they take up, to a tall muscular man lying on the floor.

Free Shipping. Vibration Exerciser - Mini Crazy Fit

Click on the image above for details of where to buy this Vibration Exercise Machine as used by Wilma Proops and referred to in this article. Please leave after purchase reviews in the comments section. Start wobbling your fat away soon! 

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