UK and USA Women Wobbling their Fat Away

UK and USA Women Wobbling their Fat Away

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It started in the UK but it soon spread to the USA. It started with women and their friends reading a comic article with a serious message. The article it all started with was Wobble Your Fat Away!. Wobble Your Fat Away! is an article which has changed thousands of women’s lives and for the better!

Wobble Your Fat Away! is about Wilma Proops and her fight and victory over being a fat, depressed woman, unmotivated, overworked and whose only friend was a family size Tiramisu! Wilma Proops believes that, if her daughter hadn’t bought a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine and she hadn’t stood on it for the first time to make her daughter laugh, she’d be dead or very, very, very fat now. As it was, she was only very, very fat when she first stood on the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine.

Nowadays Wilma is slim, well toned, healthier, happier, works less, makes more and loves life. The transformation started with ten minutes every other day with her first Vibration Plate Exercise Machine. Read about how it started for Wilma Proops and have a laugh too CLICK to read Wobble Your Fat Away! NOW! 

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