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A new website devoted to Help with Men is being masterminded. It divides them up into their star sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) and gives information on how to handle them. CLICK HERE to visit the website which is endorsed by our friend Wilma Proops
Men! Yes, ____________ (fill in the spaces with a word of your choice) men! What is the deal? How come in the twenty-first century we are still being told that:
“You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them”?
Women are no longer like air head Barbies! Image via Wikipedia
Are we all too polite to talk rabbits and (if you want to add another mouth to feed to the world’s overpopulated mess) turkey basters? Are we struck dumb because we can’t state the obvious about the necessity of the three legged ones? Shouldn’t we be teaching our so inclined daughters and gay sons a different version of the boring cliché stated above? Shouldn’t we tell them:
Men, you can live without them or you can live with them but on your own terms!
Do you understand the full implications of this statement? Let’s break it into two parts and deal with them separately:
1)      You can live without them.
So, this means, you can live in your own perfumed environment without the smell of tobacco breath and the lingering odours from their long occupations of the smallest room in the house. How come they accuse women of nesting and then carry on like that for what seems like hours on end? You don’t have to live with the constant drone of sports on the television – you can sit in your best room listening to music quietly and read a book. You can prepare yourself a salad and not cook greasy dead animals ever again to satisfy their Neanderthal male palette. That dirty computer come games room he insisted on can become a place full of art prints and books. Your bedroom can be your dressing room again (like it was when you were a teenager – before you thought you should live with a man or your life would be incomplete). These are merely a few suggestions.
2)      You can live with them on your terms.
Let them stay the occasional night as long as they wine and dine you or buy you the presents you require. Make them adhere to your rules. Before all this marriage cr@p – this is how life was and now we realise that it was all a fix we can be like it again. Visit HELP with Men for more tips.

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