Make Your Own Nipple Tassels aka Pasties

Nipple tassels are a luxury fashion accessory made popular by Burlesque. They cost anything up to £600 per pair in shops. Here's how to make your own for a fraction of the price. Nipple tassels make unusual and excellent gifts. NEW! Also see the article Make Your Own Codpiece by AndAnotherThing!
To make nipple tassels for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for that special recipient, you will need:
* Double sided tape * Sticking Plasters (large enough to cover the entire nipple area - buy skin coloured or similar on a roll) * Fabric (small off-cuts will do) * Tassels (available from any good haberdashery or craft shop) * Sequins (optional) * Beads (optional)
1. Make the base by cutting four nipple-sized discs from your fabric. Sew two discs together. (You may neaten each with a blanket stitched edge or by sewing front side to front side, reversing discs and invisibly finishing on new front). 2. Attach the tassels by sewing them to the centre of each double disc. 3. You may add sequins and beads to taste. These can be added by sewing them on (recommended) or by gluing them. 4. Cover the back of the disc with double sided tape. Peel off tape just before application.
Fitting Your Nipple Tassels
1. Nipples should be clean and dry. 2. Firstly prepare the nipples to be used by placing a disc of sticking plaster over the nipples. This should be the same size as the nipple tassels. 3. Peel off the backing of the tassels and stick them to the plaster. Press firmly onto each nipple. It is possible to stick the double-sided tape directly onto the nipples but this is not recommended.
Not recommended for swimming.
Also see Make Your Own Codpiece by AndAnotherThing2 coming soon...

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