Blackberry Renamed Bumberry

Oh dear, the teenagers’, Sir Alan Sugar’s and Alistair Campbell (spin doctor not the one who exited the band UB40 and gave that embarrassing interview)’s favouritesmartphone has been down for 48 hours. 48 hours without contact! 48 hours without being able to update their status via their tool of choice! It is literally the end of the world as they know it as thousands of them nest on their toilet of choice without recourse to their Bumberry buttons.
Blackberry-Bold-9650-Verizon.jpgImage via Wikipedia
Things were weird enough but then someone with the surname Bates spoke from the headquarters of Rim and the thought occurs that fact is stranger (make that much, much, mucho, mas more stranger) than fiction and, if there’s a comedian out there who is looking for the raw material for crude double entendre, then Bates Rim has got to be up there and by “up there” I don’t mean “up there” – say no more, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
What Now For Bumberry Bates and Rim?
Amazon Android and Apple iPhone have overtaken the BumBerry already. Will the aforementioned bored toilet sitters switch? Is it a case of too far in or too far under the rim to pull out? Can people do without emails and conference outage? Can they ever recover from unscheduled BumBerry cold turkey? Let me tell you.
Nobody Arsed with Bumberry Outage apart from Would-be Rioters
Unexpectedly something more sinister has occurred to the writer of this content mid-flow. Remember August 2011? You would if you were living in Eng-ga-land then because that was the time when there were riots and, (guess what?) the riots were reported to have been coordinated by the smartphone of choice – the BlackBerry (aka the recently renamed BumBerry).
Tory Totalitarian Ideas
On hearing that the BlackBerry was being used to plan riots in August the chinless wonders in charge in the UK voiced ideas about closing down the network to scupper the rioters. Are BumBerry in bed or up to the rim with the Torries? Has an experiment to cowtow to Tories brought about an outage from Rim? Was that one double entendre too far? Are you arsed (so to speak) or could you be arsed (so to speak)?

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