Jesus Christ Barack Obama

Another Informed Piece of Political Rhetoric by Wilma Proops
Jesus Christ is left of Barack Obama when you think about it, which is, if indeed you can think about these things, not difficult to achieve. Why could this claim be unexpected (unless you are completely ignorant)? How could it be shocking (if you consider what is acceptable)?
We live in a time when world bank CEOs (that’s Chief Executive Officers if you’ve never had the wherewithal or ever  bothered to get with the initials, jargon and abreeves  (geddit – an abreev is an abbreviation of abbreviation) which make up modern Business Speak) take time off for stress. Just put your mind to coming up with ways to earn £1 per day from each of your 4.5 million customers. Now spend time contemplating who and what not to give a loan. Pretty stressful eh?
Imagine if you (note how I’ve underlined the YOU word and supplied a link to my website just in case you want to click on it) were making $5 million a year plus a 75% of salary bonus and an additional $250,000k per year in your retirement pot – no matter how long you live in exquisite luxury -  but you never had time to spend any of that beautiful filthy lucre. Imagine having no alternative to hoarding your gotten gains – how stressful would either of those scenarios be? Now imagine them both – and now imagine both but at the same time! You’d surely be calling in sick too.
You think you’ve got it bad? There’s a FA (that’s Financial Adviser to you without the wherewithal outlined above) who was asked to explain why a miner earned less per ton he mined than some @wipe sat in front of a computer screen with a sore nose supping champers. Other questions thrown in were: Why did the @wipe keep nipping to the bathroom? Why did his septum plop out and what qualified the @wipe to gamble with other people’s livelihoods with less concern than someone battling imaginary aliens on an Xbox? How could you expect a humble FA to know the answers? Which brings us virtually incongruously back to Jesus Christ and Barack Obama but more specifically to this joke published by 22 Words on Facebook: 
  • Obama is not a brown-skinned anti-war Socialist who gives away free healthcare… You’re thinking of Jesus.
llustrations above1) The oldest surviving panel icon depiction of Jesus Christ image via Wikipedia. 2) Barack Hussein Obama the 44th President of the United States of America who has not yet fully addressed the problem of the 1% image via Wikipedia.

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