Does My Bum Look Big in This? | Illustrated Article

And so the US are or could be about to launch military action (probably via a drone) against Syria. This is according to Russia Today. Tony Blair – the stray poodle of George W (W stands for warmonger) Bush – now Middle East Peace Envoy (sic) is hell bent (i.e. if there was a hell he’d be going there) on bombing Iran and – thereby – completely clog up the Strait of Hormuz, kill at least a thousand more innocent people and vastly increase the price of oil.
The police working on the capture of ALL of the racist murderers of Stephen Lawrence (there are three more – possibly four more to be brought to justice) will know soon if they can continue on this case. Given news of the murders of four women by a man who, was a recorded self-harmer and therefore possibly not playing with a full hand, and held two gun licences – it seems likely that at least a few racists have legal guns in their homes.
The BBC have reported that seals – particularly the fluffy, big eyed babies we’d all love to cuddle – are in danger from the melting of their homeland. Bangladesh and parts of Pakistan have not recovered from the floods and accompanying catastrophes of 2011. These are widely held to have been brought about through global warming and the rising sea level which will see many of the poorer nations suffer while the nation’s which caused it continue to prosper.
Of course the above is of no concern to some people. What concerns them is the perceived size of their arse in this season’s pant. How will the newest hair care products make their hair look? The laws on Assisted Suicide might be changed soon but, even if it relates to one of their nearest and dearest, they can’t be fagged to bother about that… as it seems they are having a bad hair day…

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