The Best Diet of 2012 | Best Diet of 2011 and 2010

The new diets (relatively new anyway) are low carb (carbohydrates), low fat and low sugar. Withdraw all three from your daily diets and you could feel lethargic, tired and probably uninspired – just exactly what you don’t want to feel like if you’re struggling to maintain your finances and, if you actually want to improve your lot (or those of others) this year this then this regime might well stunt you.
Then there’s the question of exercise. You must do at least 30 minutes cardio-vascular every other day. And so, if the removal of nutriments don’t turn you into an involuntary couch-potato this last stricture will. But, is there a sensible way? Yes, there is!
  • Sensible Exercise
Read Wilma Proops’s famous and inspirational essay on this and learn how to slowly introduce exercise and transform yourself into the fit person you want to be. IT WORKED FOR WILMA PROOPS! Click Here to read it now! 
  • Sensible Low Carbs
Cut out processed muck carbs. Bread which is just white sponge with little taste should be the first thing to be excluded from any diet. This food type was invented by capitalists with no thought of your health just the maximisation of profit. Also take out other products produced from highly processed foods – pasta can be criminal in this respect.
  • Sensible Low Fat
Animal fat could easily be seen as an animal’s revenge for its short pitiful concentration camp existence on this earth. Butter and lard will clog your arteries and make you feel like shite. Don’t support this system. Instead, the best fat, bursting with Omega 3,6 and 9 in exactly the right proportions for us humans is hemp oil. CLICK HERE to read about why Hemp Seed Oil is not widely available.
Stop taking those Omega fish bomb capsules. They make you smell and are not as good as the vegetarian alternative. Olive oil is also better for you. Bothe these oils will make you feel good and assist your skin and hair to glow with health.
  • Sensible Low Sugar
Stop drinking “soft drinks” such as coca-cola. Remember the experiment of putting a tooth in coca-cola overnight and finding it has thoroughly eroded in the morning? Well see the impact of this on the organs of your long suffering bodies. People who sup this crap all day don’t have temples as their bodies – they have converted themselves into sewerage plants.

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