Liar Liar Your Bum’s On Fire | Calls to Polygraph Murdoch

Polygraph Tests for Suspected Liars

Electric Shocking Lie Detector GameTwo News of the World Executives claim that James Murdoch was aware of phone hacking when he sanctioned huge out of court payments to celebrity victims. Wilma Proops gives her unique perspective on the matter. (Aint it good? The downfall of News International has left a large gap for new and interesting pundits.)

Did You See Flames Shoot out of James Murdoch’s Bottom?

Children tell lies. Parents and carers will know this to be the case as their charges will have undoubtedly spun the odd porky pie (told a lie). Telling lies is part of a child’s development and shouldn’t be treated as a criminal offence; after all, these “child lies” are usually of little consequence, are entertaining and usually absurd. For example:

it wasn’t me it was him” and “she told me to do it” while blaming an imaginary person.

Parents and carers will also have ways of dealing with lies. Some feign belief and only inadequate, power tripping parents will treat child lies with disproportionate punishments. The latter type shouldn’t really be parents, they raise children who may think they are called Shut Up and Quiet. The former are better parents but the best parents (like my good self) show the child that their lie has been detected and will not make them advantage. The best method of is to have a laugh. For example, use this method of meeting lies, which is based on the rhyme:

Liar, liar, your bum’s on fire

When your young child tells a lie, parents and carers say something like:

If that’s true, how come I just saw a flame shoot out of your pants?

Some children will even tell a lie and then quickly check to see the flame. It is a laugh and good fun.

Did Rupert Murdoch See Flames Emanate from James Murdoch’s Pants?

On Tuesday James Murdoch told the Culture Committee that he did not know about the hacking of phones when he sanctioned huge payments for celebrities who had their mobile (cell) phones hacked. This was not a sweet child’s lie if the News of the World’s executives who revealed it are to be believed. Perhaps Sean Hoare would have agreed with them if he had not been found dead.

Polygraph the B*******!

Let’s cut the crap and give the likes of James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, bankers and war criminals, polygraph tests.

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  1. Good idea make them take a lie detector and while you're at it give one to Rebekah Brooks and Tony Bliar

  2. bankers!! Lie Detectors for them!!!!!!!

  3. A lie detector at Chilcot would have been worthwhile. Tony Blair is a liar. BLIAR!!


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