Wilma Proops Back with New Man

Polygraphs and Other Lie Detectors

Arrangements are being made for Wilma Proops to introduce the latest man in her life. The man (we are sure you'll know) will have to jump through hoops and in various other configurations if he is to live up to the high standard set by the list of losers who have dated, cohabited and - in four cases - married Wilma Proops.


It is not known if Wilma's latest understands the nature of the tests he will have to undergo if he is to become Wilma's official squeeze. We will not reveal all here but can confirm that the new bloke will be required to take lie detector tests.

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  1. I came here to thank you for commenting on my blog but after reading your latest entry I realized you and I are very similar. I like the idea of the lie detector tests and yes my grandson is a genius ;) maybe we should start our own dating service and call it, "High Standards." we could give lie detector tests for free after they paid theIr signup fees ;)

  2. Wilma Proops you have no shame. I hope all of your children (11 at the last count) manage to have a Happy Christmas and I hope you can remember it this year.

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