How to Design Your Own Vagina

Labiaplasty for the Elderly

Some women (but obviously not me) have problem vaginas. This is because they have always been a problem or because - through over use - they have become a problem. Hanging skin, larger than ideal aperture makes for an ugly, under performing vagina. If you are one of those women who want the best looks and everywhere then there's a plastic surgeon waiting for you!

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Cosmetically Enhanced Vaginas

Unlike cosmetically enhanced boobs which all look the same, like painful bouncy castles, cosmetically enhanced vaginas are truly amazing. Obviously do your research and don't go for a (excuse the pun and sorry if it makes you wince) "cut price labiaplasty".

My Friend with the Labiaplasty

My friend is wearing all sorts of beach wear that she wouldn't have risked before the labiaplasty procedure. She also reckons that sex is so much better with her small endowed husband. Looking at the smile on her face I would recommend that labiaplasty might work for you!

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