Women Discover a New Way to Lose Weight and it All Starts with a Good Laugh

Women Discover a New Way to Lose Weight and it All Starts with a Good Laugh

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This is for all women but particularly for those who are in the same downward spiral in which Wilma Proops once found herself. This spiral is characterised by a sedentary working life, sat in front of a computer. Accompanying this is slow but sure weight gain which is not helped by the only thing you have in life (during this downward spiral) food and plenty of it!

Just exactly how Wilma Proops managed to escape from this downward spiral which was making her fat is detailed in the article Wobble Your Fat Away!. It was Wilma’s daughter who bought the first Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Wilma ever owned and it was only to make her daughter laugh that Wilma first stood on it. Reading Wobble Your Fat Away! should put a smile on your face but it could also inspire you to follow Wilma's example and change your life for the better from thereon.

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  1. hiya wilma hope u r well, im better 4 finding ur site. im going 2 buy a fatty wobbly machine

    luv ya wilma



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