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Dear Wilma,
I admit I'm a slob.  I don't exercise and spend as much time as humanly possible sitting down or, better still, lying down.  I know this is not good for me but the problem is I enjoy being still, sleeping and watching television.
I have a brilliant diet plan too.  I eat what I like, when I like and in huge quantities.  My favourite food is delivered to my door on a thrice daily basis. Pizza for breakfast, curry for lunch and the same again or a Chinese or Mexican meal for dinner.
Help me if you can
Yours truly 
Simon Slob

Wilma Proops Replies to Simon Slob

Dear Simon,

Don't call yourself a slob. You are a victim of the modern lifestyle. I'd wager any amount that you work hard and put the well being of others in front of your own. Work makes you feel tired and so all you can do when (and maybe if) you come home is slob out. The thing is Simon, I was once like you are now. I'm not any more but only because of a fluke and wanting to make my daughter laugh and continue to laugh. My secret, which most people who visit this website discover is a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine. Standing on it gives the easiest exercise in the world.

I recount how I discovered Vibration Plate Exercise in my infamous article Wobble Your Fat Away! Please read it and let me know (if you buy a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine) how you get on. Leave a comment underneath to inspire others. Click on the title to read Wobble Your Fat Away and perhaps change your life for the better too!

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