Celebrity Labiaplasty | The Tell Tale Signs

Celebrity Labiaplasty | The Tell Tale Signs

Call it what you will – Vaginaplasty, Labia or Labioplasty – the fact is that this Cosmetic Surgical Procedure is becoming more and more popular. Of course, it is female celebrities who are offering themselves up as pioneers on the vaginal surgical front. Stars from Sex in the City are suspected of organizing a group discount – or the aforementioned word minus the “u”! Indeed, some Cosmetic Surgeons are devoting their careers to the reformation of celebrity vaginas.

Is it right? Should our cherished celebrity women put their vaginas under the knife or laser? Should their celebrity and non-celebrity partners expect them to go through all the inevitable discomfort which follows this operation? Is this why some female celebrities appear to be walking sideways with small steps as if they were crabs? Is this the tell tale sign we should look out for?

The Male's Role in Labiaplasty | Labioplasty | Vaginaplasty

Men (particularly celebrities) are often behind the decision of their female partners to undergo labioplasty / labiaplasty /vaginaplasty (call it what you will). They decide that a regular vagina will just not do. The most common complaint is that the opening has become too loose. A particularly nasty celebrity man who we cannot name for legal reasons was heard to comment that his partner’s whatsit was "like a bucket!" (Of course he didn’t mention that his do-dar was no bigger than a maggot.)

It is so typical for men to see the problem with what they are putting it in rather than their teeny-weeny member. They neither, when they should, feel bad about using their partner’s opening like you might a railway tunnel – too harshly and too frequently.

The Alternative to Labioplasty | Labiaplasty | Vaginaplasty

Regular exercise can keep the vagina nicely tight. Wilma Proops has been doing vagina sit ups for more than twenty years and her vagina (ask any of her male partners) is the same today as it was before she had any of her twelve children. Also, Wilma suggests that women should not allow their partners to have regular vaginal intercourse. “There are other things they can do” she says “which doesn’t involve the back door or treating their female partners like a ***k pigs” 

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  1. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is designed to remove the excess skin and can be a wonderful procedure for rejuvenating the vaginal area. Good candidates include those women who are self conscious or experience any discomfort from excessively large labia minora.


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