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A Reader Writes:

Dear Wilma Proops
I am thinking about joining the FREE dating site PlentyOfFish.  Is this a good idea?  Is there anything I should consider before supplying the site with all my personal details
Yours truly
Alan of Croydon

Wilma Replies:

Dear Alan,

Nothing is free in life.  There is always a price to pay even if it is hidden.  This brings me neatly to the (so called) FREE dating site. 

PlentyOfFish sells its data to third parties who want to target you because of the profile you supply them when you fill in their questionnaire about yourself and your perfect partner.  You tell them where you live, your profession, your income bracket, your age and even if you are overweight. 

This sort of information is Gold to advertisers.  Consider this:

Wilma's Example POF for Advertisers

I am an advertiser and I want to buy advertising space that fat people are going to see.  I’ve a new Vibration Plate Exercise Machine to sell them.  If I can buy this space, fat people throughout the world, will see my advert and thin people (who are unlikely to buy my special offer Vibration Plate Machine) will not.  This will be far more effective for me than indiscriminate space.  Hey Presto!  I’m selling more Vibration Plate Exercise Machines.

This is the general theory behind PlentyOfFish.  It might work to find you a partner (of course you might just meet a lying toad - see below) but you will be selling your soul (sole - tee hee - geddit?) to them but don’t think that the adverts they serve you on their website are not targeted at you because of your age, profession and body type.

The Problem PlentyOfFish May Have Overlooked

Of course, there is one big problem with PlentyOfFish which cost its creator “an absurd amount of money” according to one of it defenders who thinks that spending shed loads of money gives POF the right to be obtrusive and sell your information.

Lying Toad Married Men

Most men on the site are liars!  Half of them are really married and looking for a bit on the side.  They will lie about their age and location and big up their job title.  Even some women might tell the odd porky-pie (lie).  They’ll knock a few years off and perhaps a couple of dress sizes too*.


*This is not my way - I already have a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine and I am no longer a fatty...

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