Make Sure the Banks Don't Get Away with This Rip Off!

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Many readers get in touch about their debts and debt collectors while they are laughing in the face of their adversity.  I laugh along with them but have been able to tell a few that the banks probably owe them money.  Anything I can do to bring the MIS-SOLD PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE SCAM to their attention is reason enough to continue with this website.  Read the article below and spread the word - don't let the banks get away with this on top of ruining the world!
Have You Been Ripped Off by the Banks?

Millions of people and hundreds of my readers have been ripped off by Banks and other Financial Institutions (so called) who have mis-sold them Payment Protection Insurance, also known as PPI. 

FACT:  Often the Payment Protection Insurance does not offer you any protection if you are unlucky enough to fall ill, be involved in an accident or find yourself unemployed.  Even if you’ve been paying thousands of pounds a year your PPI could be useless.  In this case, you could have kept the money, paid off other debts or even gone on holiday. 

FACT: The banks that have sold you PPI in the past should have ensured that the PPI would actually pay you if you became unable to work.  If they didn’t you were mis-sold PPI

FACT: If you were self-employed when the Bank sold you PPI it was worthless and you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

FACT: If the bank did not inform you that you could buy your PPI elsewhere you were mis-sold PPI.

FACT: If the bank intimated that if you didn’t buy PPI from them you wouldn’t ba bale to get the loan (including mortgage and credit cards) you were mis-sold PPI.

FACT: If you were mis-sold PPI on loans, mortgages, credit cards and store cards you can claim 100% of payments plus any accrued interest the payments caused back from the bank or financial institution which sold it to you.

LIKELY:  The banks will attempt to shore up this problem.  They are likely to attempt to win a statute of limitations.  If they do this they’ll be keeping the money they ripped off you.

FACT: Many solicitors offer no win no fee services to people interested in claiming back their mis-sold PPI.  Many of these get their fee from the banks if they win.  This means you can get all the money which was stolen from you.

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