How Can I Be Like Kylie Minogue?

How to Have the Exercise Regime of Kylie Minogue

Dear Anonymous in Glasgow,
You asked how you can look like Kylie Minogue.  The answer is you have to have the same lifestyle and money but (if you don't) there is a cheat to be had with a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine...

Kylie Minoque takes her health seriously especially since recovering from cancer. (She does not lounge around eating fried Mars Bars like my anonymous reader).  Health experts reckon, just by looking at her bright eyes, that the star eats healthily and, according to reports, she takes exercise seriously. How can you emulate Kylie’s exercise regime?

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The simplest way of getting the Kylie look is by copying how the celebrity keeps fit and healthy. A healthy, balanced diet. Cut down or eliminate the bad foods. No butter but olive oil. Only good carbohydrates and none containing refined white flour and sugar. Don’t smoke. Don’t binge drink. Regular exercise and at least eight hours sleep a night.

Easier Said Than Done

More people would have the same exercise regime as Kylie if they had the same lifestyle and money. However, the fact is, we can’t all have this and the great majority of us will never achieve it. Worse, what we do to earn a living actually contributes to our unhealthy states. We are often too tired, too poor and too busy to take steps to become fitter and healthier.

Vibration Plate Exercise Machines

I read somewhere that Kylie uses a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine. Sessions on these are available at most gyms and health clubs but Vibration plate exercise Machines can also be bought for home use.

The greatest thing about Vibration Plate Exercise Machines is that they are easily used. There is no preparation, just stand on the Vibration Plate (also know as a platform) for ten minutes every other day and you’ll see the benefits within 30 days. Read more about them in the sales literature of any online advertiser. Prices for Vibration Plate Exercise Machines start at around $300 (£220). Many gyms offer free sessions so try them out before you buy.

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