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That's Right, You Heard, Wilma Dislikes FaceBook

Dear Readers,

I get many requests to become friends with members of FaceBook.  I rip these requests up - they are not my friends, my friends know who I am, they have forgiven me often enough. Just occasionally I get letters from free thinkers about FaceBook who don't bleat the same old clichés at me.  They could be my friends but never on that shite wipe site...

Dear Wilma,
I’m not on Facebook and don’t want to be.  What should I do?  Is there something wrong with me?
Nancy of Nantwich

Dear Wilma,
What is it with people who say “are you on face book?” and then exclaim “REALLY” when I say “no, I’m not on bloody Facebook!”
Yours sincerely 
Sid of Sidmouth

Wilma Replies:

Dear Nancy and Sid

Let’s face it, 1 in 3 people are on Facebook and it is no coincidence that 1 in 3 people are w*nkers.  I think this is known as a direct correlation or some such term.  “On Facebook” sounds like they are sitting around with either an illustrated address book or a computer screen jammed up their stupid arses.

Sooner or later, the penny will drop, that Facebook is not a “social network” site but an “advertising medium”.  Facebook members are just demographics for advertisers to target. When they do realise that, and the time will come unless the whole world becomes w*nkers, you’ll be able to say “I told you so”.

If you must join a community join Xomba CLICK HERE – at least Xomba shares some of it wealth and doesn’t hide the fact that it supports itself with advertising revenue.  Xomba is more international too.

Wilma’s Thought of the Day (this is not a regular feature)
Strange that, isn’t it?  People who ask “are you on Facebook” are as annoying as people who say “I told you so”

Update Added 4th November

Wilma Proops has done a U turn and now quite likes Facebook. She is accepting frienship requests and sending out some too. She told me to add this update as she is too busy to attend to it herself.

Yours truly
Sally Pemberton
PA to Wilma Proops


  1. I really hate the old foggies who are on facebook and ask "are you on facebook?" as if it is trendy. Some of my mom'e friends want me to add them. How embarrassing is that?!

    I know some people who have been bullied on FB and one bitch of a girl who publishes pictures of local people she labels ugly. I feel really sorry for them. FB arms this bitch.

  2. You really hate old foggies who ask you to befriend them on FB - I detest the silly old Bs. You mom should tell those friends to - how can I put this? - how about F off?.

    Yes, I've heard some cases of youngsters being bullied by others on the stupid site. Thanks for ringing this to my readers attention.

  3. I hate faceBook because it is full of perverts looking to find their next victim. What do you think Wilma? Have I got a point?

  4. You have got a point. FaceBook could be rebranded as FalseFaceBook or ManyFacesBook - what people get up to when they have a false or another face on show could easily be sinister. Thanks for raising the issue and providing another reason for people to stop praising FB and see it for what it is: ShiteBook

  5. Good for you Proopy for standing up and saying you hate FaceBook. I think FaceBook was invented for inadequate twots with problems mixing in the real world

  6. Ignore my husband (the previous commentator) his head is up his arse

  7. Ignore my wife (the previous comment) she is an old bag who likes to ruin my life

  8. PS My head is not up my arse

  9. Oh yes it is husband dearest

  10. Leave me alone - go and look at your own websites - I can't do anything wothout you ruining it

  11. For better or for worse! You got worse, ha ha

  12. Ahh yes! I couldn't agree more! Rebels against Facebook UNITE! It is amazing what a social network (that shares NO PROFITS) can do to society! I am the only person I know, out of friends and family galore, who has finally broken free of that FB craze and decided to capitalize on my time spent "creepin" on the computer! Haha!!


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