How to Save Money When Entertaining at Home

My Advice can be practical too, witness the following problem I solved:

How to Save Money When Entertaining at Home
Dear Wilma,
My stupid husband (I’ve written to you about him before) has agreed to entertain 20 (yes 20!) colleagues and associates in our home on a Saturday in the Summer.  How can I do this?  I reckon it will cost at least £30 a head but have only got half of that to spend.  Of course, he’s told his boss that he will pay for it himself.  What should I do?
Marjory, Sutton Coldfield


Dear Marjory,

If I were you I’d instigate divorce proceeding immediately but if you are anything like your mother (a dear friend of mine) I realise that this advice will fall on deaf ears.  So, I will tell you what I would do.

I’d stage a Real Ale party.  Contact a local brewer and buy a couple of firkins direct.  I’d serve this with a Ploughman’s lunch – good bread, organic butter and cheese (Cheddar plus a smoked cheese) and basic salad.  For desert bake some apple pies.

I’d hold the do in your mother’s garden – I’ve done this myself.  When I did your mother baked the apple pies.  Use her trestle tables and chairs.

This should do the trick!  Not only is this a cheap alternative but it won’t appear to be and it has some originality about it.

I hope all goes well, do let me know how it turns out.

PS I contacted The Beowulf Brewery who delivered 2 firkins a few days ahead of my party.  Do give them my regards if you do so and ensure you contact them in good time...

PPS Tell your husband never to put you in this situation again or you will divorce the stupid idiot.

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