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Big Brother Celebrities Want Wilma's Advice 

My postbag has seen a surge of letters from celebrities who left the Big Brother House last Friday.  It seems that these A, B and C list celebrities are having problems reintegrating into their celebrity lifestyles.  Part of me wants to tell them to piss off and "you think you've got problems" but another part, the caring Agony Aunt, feels their pain and needs to offer advice.  Yet another part - the greedy grasping one - is thinking: "play your cards right Wilma as there could be some freebies in this".  

The letters are confidential so I can't publish them here but I can offer all the same advice.  These golden nuggets can be used by other celebrities and should improve their lives too.  For you, my common readers, there is escapism to be had in the advice but apart from that it will offer you nothing.

Coping With False Promises Made in the Big Brother House

Barely four days have past since all Celebrity Contestants left the Big Brother House and already phone calls have not be returned to C list celebrities from A and B list celebrities - despite the latter's promises of friendship.  There is nothing you can do about this apart from stop calling them (have some dignity).  Turning up at celeb rendezvous, in the hope of "bumping into them" is also ill advised - you'll get the cold shoulder and feel even worse.  You are experiencing rejection - in case you haven't been able to put a label on it.  My advice?  Pull yourself together, contact the press and sell them a saucy story - don't forget, they don't have to be true!

Post Celebrity Big Brother Depression

If it hasn't done so already, Post Celebrity Big Brother Depression, will hit you like a custard pie full on in your now more famous celebrity face.  The best way of recovering from this is to stop being so precious.  You could actually put your celebrity to good use.  The millionaires among you will at least now know, because of your BB experience, that you don't need all your money... give it away to some good causes - there are plenty about!

More Advice for BB Celebs HERE SOON!

I've other points to make and advice to offer but I must away and do some housework - I don't want the window cleaner thinking I live like a pig in shite...

Catch you later

Wilma Proops


  1. I love it when you take the piss out of celebrity wingers

  2. It's the celebrities who lose touch with us, I mean you, ordinary folk and can't see how being surrounded with Yes Men can corrupt their perspective - they deserve having the p*ss ripped out of them.

  3. do you think katie price will dump alex after she's made a few million quid out of the photos?


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