How to Laugh Out Loud

Laugh in the face of adversity.  No matter how bad your situation is, take at least five minutes everyday and recall something that has made you laugh out loud.  Remember a time when you couldn't stop laughing or a joke you found really funny.  This advice won't change your life but it will at least give you five minutes away from it.

If you can't think of anything to laugh at you could look at the comedy videos that my site is showing at the moment.  Wilma's Comedy Video Bar is below on the left.  Click on the one you find most funny and laugh out loud!

A Reader Writes:  

Dear Wilma,

Why do you only write about comedy problems?  Shouldn't you put your effort into solving real problems?  There are so many real problems you could advise on, so why don't you devote your time to those?  I've got loads of problems which I worry about unless I'm ignoring them and hoping that they will go away.  I've no pension, worry about paying my rent and cannot afford good food.  I smoke, don't exercise and I'm overweight. That's just for starters.

Anonymous of Dagenham

Wilma Replies:

Dear Anonymous of Dagenham,

You have a point, well several points actually.  I could spend my time advising policy makers about your problems.  For a start, there should be a redistribution of wealth.  It is totally unfair that you and thousands (perhaps millions) should be in your situation while others are so rich they do not know what to do with their money apart from keep it all for themselves.

The only problem is that their are no policy makers willing to listen and even if they were, they are so intent on guarding the status quo which has served them well, that they'd listen but they would not act upon such advice.  For want of a better phrase, taking action like that would be like pissing into the wind.  At least by laughing at problems and sometimes making deserving people like yourself laugh, I'm (just sometimes) allowing you to escape your very real problems or momentarily forget them.  Truly, laughter is the best medicine.

Another option is for me to be patronising.  I could tell you that things can only get better even though we both know that the opposite is true.  Another would be to start blaming other people - both contemporary and long dead.  This would be really easy.  Yet another would be to blame human characteristics - even easier: greedy, grasping, selfish, self-serving, uncaring, the ability to thieve and do so without the slightest feeling of guilt.

My point is, would any of the options above do you. me or anyone else any good.  Just reading the paragraph above could (and possibly has) sent you on a downer.  I choose to do none of them.  Let's laugh at the people who have got us into this situation.  From now on I intend to do just that or at least more of the time.

Thanks for your letter and, although I'm not going to take its implicit advice, I am going to take my Comedy Problem Page more seriously.

Take care Anonymous of Dagenham

Wilma Proops.

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  1. i laughed out loud at the thought of fat wilma wobblin on a vibe machine


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