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Wilma Proops came the the attention of the world when pictures of her bare arse were plastered on the front cover of gutter-press and broadsheets alike. Our heroine had been on a desperate mission to advice David Blaine that he was a nincompoop, was unfortunately quite drunk and tripped over while on top of Blaine's Perspex box, above the River Thames in London, England. That Wilma had made it that far is surely symptomatic of her passion for advising people . . . Read more about Wilma Proop's below this blog . . .

A Reader Writes:

Dear Wilma,

I can't afford satelite TV so can't watch the programmes that everybody in my office is talking about. I can only debate the idiots on Big Brother UK but my collegues can compare and contrast Big Brothers in other countries. You may think this is a trivial problem but it's ruining my life, please help me I beseech you!

Tania, Sutton Coldfield nr Birmingham

Dear Tania,

I see the enormity of your problem and wish I could offer you free satelite TV. I cannot do this but the following is a very cheap alternative. For about £40 this system offers you unlimited access to the whole planets's TV stations from your computer. That's a one off charge. I bet your friends pay more! 

Let me know how you get on
Best wishes
Wilma Proops

Another Reader Writes

Dear Wilma,

I've got nothing to talk about apart from television. I've only got a freeview box so this limits my topics of conversation. What shall I do?

Stanley, Kettering

Dear Stanley,

I refer you to the answer I gave above. I'm sure if you had thousands of TV stations to discuss you'd be much better prepared for social interaction.

Good viewing!
Best wishes
Wilma Proops

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