People Write and Publish Cack Online

I’ve been working on the Astrological chart of a serial killer to appear on one of the websites in the HELP with Men! stable. It is making me sick to the stomach but the sites need some content with gravitas in order for them attract a wider audience and demographics with more expendable income. Besides, all this what makes a so and so man fall in love, how to attract them, keep them happy, make them yours can sometimes spill over into real life and threatens to make me start being civil to that man I like to ignore – tee hee – you have to laugh.
The article published about the death of Marvin Gaye on HELP with Aries Men! seems to attract readers who would not necessarily come to an Astrology site. The serial killer article I’m working on will be posted on HELP with Scorpio Men! (This is not to say that all Scorpio men are like this one - that would be like saying all Taurus men are like Hitler - and the fact that the world hasn't been taken over by a Hitleresque tyrant who happened to have his sun in Taurus when he was born disproves the fascist tendencies of Taurus far.)
Writing anything – even social bookmarks – has an effect on writers who write from their own perspective and refuse to take the path that is so well trodden it has turned into a ravine, thousands of feet below sea level. What is the point of writing (actually rewriting or worse still spinning) crap like that? Precisely. None whatsoever…it’s just a pity some “authors” (and I use the term lightly and add this aside to be rude to them) are so far up the place where the sun don’t shine, to realise this… Either that or they couldn’t give or are unable to give a dam.
What has inspired me to contribute to the HELP with Men! websites (apart from the fee) is that they are as unlike the pants published by the likes of Russell Grant – who should be renamed Russell Pants. Russell Pants just gushes any old **** that comes into his amoeba sized brain and, without being rude to amoeba, is even more boring than our single celled friends.

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