5 Top Reasons to Stop Smoking

Nicotine is the most addictive drug in the world. Cigarettes are “nicotine delivery systems” in the same way that intravenous injections are “heroin delivery systems” and rolled up bank notes are “cocaine delivery systems”. In fact, the manufacturers and touts of cigarettes are no better than street corner crack dealers. They make their money the same way by keeping you addicted – that’s just their job.
In the UK there is still a huge campaign to stop people smoking. For example, Champix, a drug prescribed by National Health Service General Practitioners is free to smokers wanting to stop and works on the most hardened smokers.
This article was inspired by M J Dakota but is dedicated to the memory of a one time colleague who smoked counterfeit cigarettes (because they were cheap) and died of lung cancer at the age of 42. She left behind a young daughter and a husband who was her lifetime sweetheart. Both husband and daughter were devasted by their loss.
As always I owe a huge debt to my mentor Wilma Proops 
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Lung Cancer a Side Effect of Smoking Cigarettes 

1. STOP SMOKING to Stay Healthy | Avoid Death by Smoking

If you stop smoking you can avoid a painful death. Smoking causes lung cancer, cancer of the mouth and throat cancer. All offer malingering, unpleasant deaths which are hard to endure for the victim and their family. Sigmund Freud committed suicide because he had mouth cancer caused from smoking. It really is that bad.
Smoking also causes an increase in colds and – perhaps the most unpleasant sideeffect – an increase in phlegm. Yuk. There is nothing worse than listening to a smoker churn their phlegm. Phlegm is repulsive and disgusting.
Don’t forget that if you smoke by a child that you will start turning their pink lungs into black tarred lungs and you will reduce their life chances with your passive smoking.

2. STOP SMOKING to Avoid Poverty | Stop Giving Your Money to Drug Dealers

Cigarettes in the UK now cost more than £6 per packet. This is incidentally more than the National Minimum Wage for an hour’s work. Cigarette manufacturers want their followers (aka addicts) to smoke a packet a day. A packet a day equates to £42 per week. If, as the manufacturers want and pray you do, you were to smoke for your entire adult life this will equate to at least £87,000 (if you live 40 years of adult life before the cigarettes kill you) or £43,680 if you only smoke for 20 years.
Imagine what good you could do with all that money! If you stop a 20 a packet day in the current economic climate you could avoid the effects of inflation.

3. STOP SMOKING to Recover Your Sense of Smell

If you stop smoking you will soon start to smell the world again. Smoking masks good smells and bad by infiltrating the smoker’s world. Some will take feeble measures to avoid smelling like an ashtray but these don’t actually work. When you stop smoking you will detect smokers by their rank aroma. Washing your hair daily, showering twice a day and using expensive perfume won’t fool a non-smoker.
Stop smoking and you won’t have to wash your hair daily and that expensive French perfume you love so much will pervade your environs not the smell of an ashtray. Kissing is so much better between non-smokers too but let’s not go down that route.

4. STOP SMOKING and Start Living

It is not immediate but it does happen. You stop smoking and one day, suddenly, you feel alive. You start walking for miles, swimming for hours and tasting food and it is wonderful. It is as though all your senses have been invigorated.

5. STOP SMOKING and Start Protesting

Smoking can calm your inner protester. Smoking makes you complacent. Smokers can’t be arsed to demonstrate and if they can they have to break off for a cigarette. Smokers’ complacency all others, governments and corporations to get away with murder – literally. By STOPPING SMOKING you become angry again and you stand up for your rights and those of others.
Start by directing your anger at the cigarette manufacturers who have lied for years and told you that nicotine is not addictive. The best way to get at them – apart from depriving them of your hard earned cash – is to protest about them and call them what they are DRUG DEALERS at every opportunity and do something to coax others into STOPPING SMOKING too.
Tell smokers they smell. Tell them their phlegm churning makes you feel sick and prove to them that they’d be better off if they STOPPED SMOKING.

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