Tattoos on the Penis | Formerly Published as Penis Tattoos

Here's another tattoo related article.  This one was formerly published under the title Penis Tattoos.  It is completely serious and I ask that you do not laugh, titter or even smirk when you read it...

Wilma Proops has devoted her life to the study of tattoos, giving a proportion of her own time freely to offer talks about tattoos and carry out more research into the phenomenon. She does this in an attempt to dissuade people from having their first or another "grotesque tattoo".

Wilma strongly believes that tattoos in European culture are "self-harming by another name". Read The Truth About Tattoos (Wilma's famous survey) HERE

That said, Wilma is nowadays promoting Penis Tattoos - she has been reported saying:

“Being attracted to the penis doesn’t mean that I believe the penis to be aesthetically pleasing” Wilma said in an attempt to explain her apparent hypocrisy. 

“I’ve noticed that penises with tattoos are far better looking than those which remain plain. Among my favourites” she continued “are ones tattooed to look like Corinthian columns and those made to look like a trellis of exotic blooms” 

The One Eyed Monster - Wilma's favourite Penis... Tattoo

Wilma’s all time favourite Penis Tattoo was the one of Cyclops the one eyed monster “it made excellent use of its canvas” said the world famous Agony Aunt to the Stars.

If you've read thus far, you probably want to know:

Just How Are Penises Tattooed? 

Find out below:

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Given the changes one can envisage taking place during the tattooing process we were interested to see how Penis Tattoo artists coped with shrinkage and expansion. Wilma said she wasn’t sure how they worked but suspected that tattooists employed stretching devices.  Such devices or Viagra and other medicines which assist in the maintenance of the size of the working surface.

If you have had your penis tattooed, please tell us about it in the comments section below.  Anyone can leave a comment but rude comments will not be published. 

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  1. Is this true? Does Wilma Proops even exist? I hope she does because she sounds like the sort of woman women should aspire to - good looking, intelligent and very funny. Wilma Proops I LOVE YOU!


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