Happy Birthday Aquarius Men | Here Is All The Dirt On You!

Do you think Astrology is a load of B*ll*cks?  Despite my dear sister proving it is not, time and time again, I only have to have a drink or two and I'll argue until I'm blue in the face that Astrology is utter shite.  What can I say, I enjoy a good row?  In fact, the only time I defend it is when there's an ardent religious type in my vicinity.  At times like that I enjoy taking their flimsy, relatively modern beliefs and rubbishing them in comparison to Astrology, Horoscopes, cusps, sextiles, orbs, trines and combustions.  I don't give up until they cry... I digress

Introducing Enigmata of Sparta and Rubbishing Aquarius Men  

Did I ever tell you that I was a Gemini?  Well I am?  Did I ever tell you that I have a twin sister?  Well I do.  We are identical in everything but (she would say very important matter) of star sign.  You see, my twin sister was born two hours before me – always in a hurry her – under a Taurean sky.  Yes, Wilma Proops is a Gemini but her sister is a Taurus.  You have probably heard me reference my “older” sister by her pet name – Enigmata of Sparta.  I coined this name for her because she is very fond of Ancient Greece, likes to run round as naked as an ancient Spartan and has been studying Astrology since her second decade.

Rich Bi*ch and Greek Shipping Millionaires 

She, Enigmata, actually makes a bucket of money drawing and illuminating Natal Birth Charts at £250-£500 a pop.  She’s a huge fortune as she doesn’t spend anything but lives with her patron (buckshee and in luxury) on the Greek Isle of Kos or in his other home in Crete (Chania).  I suspect shenanigans but that’s another story.

Happy Birthday Aquarius Men Here is the Dirt On You!

I’ll cut to the chase now.  Enigmata of Sparta (not her real name) is semi-retiring and will only be doing a couple of charts a month.  She is turning work away.  When we spoke about this last week I told her she should start dispensing Astrological advice online.  She did not know where to start so I suggested she start with Aquarius Men.  She has done this and, I hate to admit it, her first website is rather good.  It is much better than fatty Russell Grant’s or oh so pretentious Gregory Gerbert (not his real name but that slips my inebriated mind). 

Read This if You Want/Need the Dirt on Aquarius Men!

Enigmat’s first site is actually called Aquarius Men – very imaginative NOT.  I prefer to call it Dishing the Dirt on Aquarius Men because, if you read it between the lines or otherwise, that is exactly what my dear twin sister does.  Enigmata of Sparta dishes the dirt big time!  We are not that different after all…

To visit my dear sister’s site CLICK HERE…   

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