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Dear Wilma,
I think my children (now aged 18 and 19) are smoking something they call "bud". Can you offer me any advice?
Worried of Norfolk

Wilma's Reply

Dear Worried of Norfolk,

"Bud" is a modern term for what we used to call "grass" in the 1960s, "weed" in the 1970s and "sh*t" or "herb" in the 1990s. These are all names for marijuana. I cannot condone its use but its not the end of the world and could be worse. Despite what authorities have written about "bud" there are less deaths caused by its use than tobacco or alcohol, in fact hardly any. Modern research suggests that it does not lead to harder drugs. Ten out of my twelve children have smoked it and they grew out of it all but three - they live in Holland now (The Hague). That said, modern "bud" is often Genetically Modified (GM) and so I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Don't make a big deal out of it as major protests about anything they do at their age can produce the behaviour you warn against.

There are many myths surrounding its use but it is illegal in the UK. To do some research I suggest you go to Amsterdam where you can try it for yourself and/or observe the effects it has on smokers.

I have added this video for you to watch. It is totally absurd but very funny. It was a Public Information Film made in 1936 to warn the American public. If you go to Amsterdam you'll see nothing like what's shown in this film because it is ridiculous - more like comedy, hence its inclusion here!

Do write and let me know if you find any good hotels in Amsterdam as I'm planning a visit in the near future. I simply adore the Van Gogh Museum, especially after after lunch in a Amsterdam cafe!

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  1. Modern bud is often genetically modified?Never heard that one.But if you're concerned with GM bud I'd suggest you get your bud from reliable sources,or grow your own.


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