WILMA Arrested in Red Square Campaigning for Gay Rights

Join the Pink Post EuroVision Protest 
In an “ironic” twist, a Gay Rights march was stopped in Red Square in Moscow, yesterday. Ironic, as the march was planned to coincide with the Euro Vision Song Contest which is, as everyone knows, disproportionately representative of Gay artistes and presenters – for example the UK’s favourite Gay presenter Graham Norton.

Peter Tatchell – a seasoned Gay Rights Activist – was among those stopped from exercising our human right to protest peacefully. This brave man, one of the few with enough balls to stand up to the evil Robert Mugabe, is a personal friend of Wilma Proops who was arrested in an alternative Red Square protest and is still being held. Unfortunately Tatchell was kept unaware of Wilma’s arrest or else he’d have brought it to the media’s attention. Indeed, without the internet Wilma’s plight might still be a secret!

According to one eye-witness account, Wilma’s one woman protest, choreographed by Nigella de Shackley (responsible for the outstanding multi media production of Stench City) was truly captivating – even in its toned down version which did not make use of a strap on phallus. The dance did however employ Satanic symbolism but only to bring attention to the ridiculous homophobia of the current, unworldly, Moscow ruling elite. Reports are sketchy but Wilma’s protest is said to have involved “gyration” and a “life sized, stuffed toy goat”
In a tactic copied from another protest (details available HERE) we beseech anyone reading this to send a pair of clean (preferably new) PINK KNICKERS, BOXERS or a THONG to The Mayor, off Red Square, Moscow, Russia.

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  1. Will she be out soon - only I wouldn't mind her tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix.

    Sorry to sound glib but I know she detested wasted corporate hospitality

    Best regards
    Theodore Parker Bowles

  2. Best place for the old slag

  3. It'll be a publicity stunt - another! I'm surprised it didn't involve the accidentally on purpose reveal of her arse. Perhaps it did!

    If I'm wrong, please accept my apologies at least she's only good intentions and I still love her xx

  4. Love you Wilm! Go for it - true or not - those homophobes deserve all the bad press anyone can muster


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