Introducing Wilma Proops' Problem Page WPPP

A very distant relative of Majorie Proops, late, great Agony Aunt of The Daily Mirror (before all the Maxwell hoo-hah) - Wilma Proops hit the headlines recently when she declared:

"You've gorra laugh at ya problems" in her signature full Liverpudlian accent. She was at the time sitting knickerless (setting the fashion a couple of years before Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton) on top of David Blane's perspex box above the River Thames, London, England. Wilma was certain that the man (David Blane) was missing something essential from his life and far too proud to ask for her advice. She went there to show him what it was at considerable expense to herself.

"Showing David Blane (and by default the whole world) my naked arse was perhaps the biggest mistake of my life. Ironically, it caused my friends and family a severe loss of face and - as it was the result of drunkeness - I wouldn't have done such a thing were I sober - I was worried that the problems this episode would cause me were going to be too much to cope with. It wasn't until I received an offer of sponsorship from Griblock's Topiary Company, (County Durham), that I saw the funny side. I'm not one for the Brazilian look and I'm proud of my growth on what was once my private region. Griblock's sponsorship will sure act as a boom to all women everywhere who are naturally bushy. We are the nice bush whearas W is the nasty one - we should not be ashamed . . . hic, where was I?".

This blog has been designed to expand Wilma Proops' audience and welcomes problems that Wilma can use for laughter therapy. Wilma's column came into existence firstly on where other comedy stuff (mainly comedy monologues written for stage) is available for your delectation (if that is a word), entertainment if it is not (a word).

Very soon the full opera of Wilma's Problem Page will be taken from and placed here. From that date forward, new problems and Wilma's fun answers will be aired here.

PLEASE NOTE: Problems may be sent to Wilma via's contact page. Please keep in mind that Wilma will laugh at you and not with you. Do not submit problems if you are of a sensitive nature.

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